Curtis Grimes

Doors: 8pm
Opener: David Adam Byrnes 9pm
Curtis Grimes: 10:30pm

Already a chart-topping country star on the Texas circuit, Curtis Grimes swings for the fences – and embraces a bigger, broader audience – with his new EP, Bottom of the Fifth. Curtis sticks to his small town roots, taking you through the heart of country music for the 21st century. An impressive career as a collegiate and all-state baseball pitcher took him all around the state, and his growing success as a musician – including a stint on the first season of The Voice, where he competed on Cee Lo Green’s team – gave him the opportunity to expand his reach. He hasn’t forgotten his past – and with a catalog that include Number One singles like “Cowboy Kind” and “Our Side of the Fence,” both of which climbed to the top of the Texas country charts. With one boot planted in traditional country and the other pointing toward something new and progressive, Curtis is turning Bottom of the Fifth into his biggest release to date. Game on.

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Gruene Hall
New Braunfels, TX
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Curtis Grimes

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