Gro nashville 1120 bw

Green River Ordinance

Doors: 8pm
Opener: TBA 9pm
Green River Ordinance: 10:30pm

At the core of Fifteen, the third studio album from Green River Ordinance, is a simple message: hold fast to the things that are true. Much of the freedom found on Fifteen comes from the fact that the band recorded it on its own terms. In 2011 they set out to make the kind of music that was true to them, away from the demands and restrictions of commercial music. “In that world, everything is about the three minute pop hit,” explains Jenkins. “We wanted the freedom to dig in and create our own sound.” Their first experiment out of the gate validated their instincts: “Dancing Shoes” became a breakout hit. As a band that makes music on their own terms with a focus on the things that matter most, Green River Ordinance constantly challenges the borders of genre, walking the lines of Country, Rock, Pop and Folk. This sense of freedom has evolved over the group’s 15-year career, and radiates throughout their latest album, Fifteen, which was released in January 2016.

GEN ADM: $12

Gruene Hall
New Braunfels, TX